Our Impact

DC UrbanGreens is unique because we focus not only on growing food, but also establishing a distribution system of healthy and prepared foods into underserved neighborhoods. We are focusing our efforts in Ward 7 and 8 because, proportionally, Wards 7 and 8 contain more food desert areas than any other areas of DC and no similar projects exist to serve this population. It is an area of the city in which we can realize the greatest impact.

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2500 pounds

of food donated in 2017

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4000 pounds

of food grown between 2017-2018

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250 pounds

of food donated in May 2018



What is a food desert?

The USDA Food Access Research Atlas defines the areas we work as food deserts. This means that the residents in the neighborhoods qualify as low-income and must travel more than ½ mile to the nearest supermarket. For 75,000 residents there is merely 1 full-service grocery store.



Saturday Farm Stands

75 Days of Farm Stands and Pop-Up Markets in Food Desert Neighborhoods in 2018


1812 Erie St SE


3779 Ely Pl SE

Greens-to-Go (CSA)

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Get weekly veggies to go

Get your weekly 4lb share of locally grown, chemical-free veggies for $20/bag 

To enroll contact Annie at annie@dcurbangreens.org
or 508-446-3108, or use the form to the right!

Pickup Saturdays 1pm-3pm:
Fort Staton Urban Farm - 1812 Erie Street SE

Pickup Saturdays 10am-12pm:
Fort Dupont Urban Farm - 3779 Ely Place SE