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3779 Ely Place Southeast
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Monday-Friday 9am-2pm.
For Volunteer Inquiries contact: Annie@dcurbangreens.org 

ForT DUPONT Ice arena

Nestled between Dupont Park and Fort Dupont Ice Arena is our First Generation Farm.  Being the first development of DC UrbanGreens, this location holds a special place in our heart.  This garden is our smallest one with only two hoop houses but produces one of the strongest harvests.  Having an urban farm behind an ice arena may seem odd to most folks but to us it is a perfect partnership thanks to the staff at Fort Dupont Ice Arena.

Located at 3779 Ely Pl SE, Washington, DC 20019  

 Fort Dupont in late summer 

Fort Dupont in late summer 



DC UrbanGreens never thought they would stretch into a whole new ward but DC UrbanGreens, in partnership with  DC Department of Parks and Recreation, built our largest farm to date in Ward 8.  We are excited for the growth of our mission throughout our Nation's Capital. 

Located at 1812 Erie St SE, Washington, DC 20020


 Jacquana, Fort Stanton site manager

Jacquana, Fort Stanton site manager


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