"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." -- Audrey Hepburn

DC UrbanGreens has truly enjoyed all the life that comes with summer days. Here's a little recap of all we've done this summer (click to the right to view!)

  • Ran an urban farmer training program with Ward 8 residents
  • Welcomed two new urban farmers (from our urban farming training program) to our team
  • Hosted the Summer Youth Employment Program at our farm
  • Operate two farm stands
  • Established a new CSA
  • Hosted multiple farm to school field trips & volunteer days
  • Distributed over 1,000 pounds of produce for FREE to Ward 8 organizations
  • Grown over 3,000pounds of produce
  • Succeeded in raising money for our FUND-A-FENCE campaign 

We can say that our farm is booming with life!

Another addition to our urban farm in Fort Dupont has been the presence of groundhogs and opossums! Argh! The groundhog definitely hogs his share of kale, collards, and squash. Both garden pests have chewed up hundreds of pounds of food that should have been going to our food desert neighbors. However, due to overwhelming support, we were able to raise over $3,000 to FUND-A-FENCE and install a heavy-duty fence surrounding the perimeter of our urban farm. This outpouring of support has touched our hearts, we can not thank everyone enough! 

Despite the garden pests, we are growing more produce than we ever have. We have grown over 3,500 pounds of produce since April 2017 (with only 84 grow beds) This produce is getting out to Ward 7 and 8 food desert residents via our 2 farms stands (Wednesday 3pm-5pm, Saturday 10am-12pm at 3779 Ely Pl SE), our CSA, and our free food bag distribution program.

I think we are most appreciative of the new relationships we are building this summer. We are connecting more and more with community champions, neighborhood residents who have wandered up to our farm, and with community organizations like PSA 702 Community Outreach Committee, ANC's, Ward 7 Health Alliance, Food Justice Collaboratives, and the Food Policy Council. We are proud to say that the majority of our team is from Wards 7 and 8, and each member teaches us invaluable lessons regarding living in SE DC. Not only is our farm & team growing, we are all learning from each other and having a lot of FUN IN THE SUN. 

We are grateful for our fourth growing season. There's so much you can do with underutilized urban space... like growing 3,500pounds of produce with only 84 grow beds! We couldn't have made this many accomplishments without our volunteers, neighborhood support, community leaders' support, or without the supporters who helped us to FUND-A-FENCE. 

Enjoy some of the FUN in the SUN pics below.

Contact annie@dcurbangreens.org if you'd like to be a part of our CSA, inquire about our farm stand or free food bag program, or if you have any general questions!

I'm singing off to go back to having FUN IN THE SUN. We hope you enjoy soaking up the sun & visit our farm some time soon!